our logo design process

Our Logo Design Process

Logo design is a cornerstone of branding and visual identity, carrying the power to communicate a brand’s essence, establish recognition, and leave a lasting impact. At our design studio, we follow a thorough process to create logos that combine aesthetics with functionality. This article takes you through our comprehensive logo design process, starting with the vital “Discovery Phase.”

Throughout the process, we actively encourage clients to provide feedback and how they resonate with their brand. We believe that open and transparent communication is essential for achieving the perfect logo. As such, we remain receptive to making any necessary revisions to ensure that the final logo aligns seamlessly with the client’s vision and brand identity.

Phase 1: The Discovery Phase

Before we put pen to paper or mouse to screen, we embark on the Discovery Phase. This phase serves as the bedrock of our logo design process, and it involves two key components: a branding questionnaire and an in-depth conversation.

Branding Questionnaire:
We begin by providing our clients with a comprehensive branding questionnaire. This questionnaire delves deep into the heart of their brand, asking questions that uncover their values, goals, target audience, and competitors. It seeks to understand the essence of the brand, its unique selling points, and the emotions it aims to evoke.

In-Depth Conversation:
Following the completion of the questionnaire, we schedule an in-depth conversation with our clients. This conversation allows us to further explore the brand’s nuances, clarify any points from the questionnaire, and gain insights that may not be explicitly written down. It’s an opportunity for us to connect on a more personal level with our clients and truly grasp the vision they have for their brand.

Phase 2: First Round Concepts – The Black and White Rounds

With a solid foundation established in the Discovery Phase, we move on to the next step of our logo design process, known as the “Black and White Round.” This phase is essential for the following reasons:

Concept Quality Assurance:
Starting in black and white ensures that we concentrate on the core concept of the logo. Stripped of color distractions, we evaluate whether the logo idea itself is robust and aligns with the brand’s identity and values.

Versatility Testing:
Black and white logos are versatile. A logo that works effectively in black and white is more likely to succeed in color. This is crucial because logos must function in various contexts, including digital and print media, as well as one-color situations.

Eliminating Bias:
By presenting logo concepts in black and white, we eliminate color psychology’s influence in the early stages. This allows clients to evaluate the design based solely on its concept and merits, free from any color biases.

Feedback and Revisions:
Client feedback plays a pivotal role in this phase. We encourage clients to share their thoughts – good or bad – on the initial rounds of concepts. Any constructive criticism will help the process and lead us to the final product. We’ve had clients choose no concepts in the first round but with the reasons behind “the why”, the second round was successful and they found their company’s future brand.

Phase 3: Adding Color

Once we’ve selected a concept from the black and white phase, we proceed to the third phase: adding color. Here’s how this phase unfolds:

Color Psychology:
Careful consideration goes into selecting colors that evoke specific emotions and associations aligned with the brand’s personality and message. Color breathes life into the logo, enhancing visual appeal and memorability.

Visual Hierarchy:
Color is instrumental in establishing a visual hierarchy within the logo. It allows certain elements to be emphasized, guiding the viewer’s eye and creating a balanced composition.

After choosing and finalizing the logo, we proceed to create a comprehensive branding guide. This guide serves as a critical tool to ensure quality, consistency, and brand recognition across all brand assets and materials.


Our logo design process begins with the Discovery Phase, setting the stage for a meaningful and conceptually rich logo. We value open communication with our clients throughout the process, understanding that preferences may vary. From the foundation established in the Discovery Phase to the magic of color in the final design, our goal is to create logos that resonate, endure, and represent the heart and soul of the brands they represent.